Appendix B

Survey Letter


Dear New Media Executive:

It is with great pleasure that the Editor & Publisher Company invite’s you to participate in a very exciting new media research project. A free copy of the results of the survey will be yours for completing the survey.

As you no doubt are aware, Editor & Publisher has been serving the newspaper industry for the past 113 years with a wide range of products and services. In the past two years we have greatly expanded our new media group and are working diligently to measure the activities of new media departments within not just newspapers, but also magazines, radio and television stations and information companies.

Our commitment is to help executives across all media face the challenges and learn and profit from the online medium. We do this through our conferences, print publications, Web site, Members Network and through research projects such as this one.

This year’s survey will be quite different than past surveys. Ed Lindoo, who is working on his Ph.D. at Nova Southeastern University, will be conducting the survey for us via the Web at during the month of August. As an independent analyst, Ed will be gathering the survey data and reporting his findings in his dissertation, as well as forwarding raw data to us for further analysis.

Please take a few moments to go to this site and complete the survey. The benefits to you and your industry will greatly outweigh the small amount of time (15-20 minutes) it will require. AND, we offer you a $300 discount off of any upcoming Editor & Publisher conference. (Visit our Web site at for details on conference programs.)

Help us help you by participating in this research project which promises to be the first of its kind available in the market anywhere. Please answer the survey in its entirety. Please note that by supplying your email address, it will only be used to give you the survey results and any future discounts. Your identity will not in any way be tied back to your survey answers.

As an additional incentive, the first 100 respondents will receive a free copy of the Editor & Publisher Market Forecaster, a $269.00 value.

Any questions or comments regarding the survey should be directed to Ed Lindoo at Nova Southeastern University (email: Questions regarding any other new media activity at Editor & Publisher should be directed to my attention at 212-675-4380 x502 or

Best regards,

Marsha A. Stoltman

Vice President, Market Relations

Editor & Publisher Co.

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