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Editor & Publisher
Ninth Annual Study on Information Services offered by Media Companies

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1. What industry is your main (core) business?

   Newspaper     Magazine     Radio     Television
   If daily newspaper, what is your circulation level?
2. What is the percentage distribution of your customers? (should total to 100% for each business)
core business
web business
    Not Known
3. How long has your web site been in existence?     years months
4. Do you operate your own server?    Yes     No
If no, the site operates on a server
    with other sites within your media company.
    with other sites with other non-media companies.
    with other sites with other media companies.
5. Do you provide Internet services for other companies?     Yes     No
(i.e. web site design, construction, consulting)
6. Have you established HTML standard or other structural guidelines for your web site?     Yes     No
7. Does your web site include:
    the following authoring tools        any of the following
Backstage design Video
Claris Homepage Audio
Corel Web designer Animations
Hot Dog Pro 3.0
Hot Metal 3.0
Internet Creator
FrontPage 97
Net Object Fusion
Navigator Gold
Page 1 3.0
Visual Page
Other Specify
8. Does your web site archive its own HTML page structures for each edition?     Yes     No
9. Do you employ "push" technology to deliver Web information?     Yes     No
   If yes, which of the following do you use:
   Pointcast      Backweb      Ifusion      Icommon      Intermind
   Marimba      NIT delivery      Wayfar      Other      Specify
10. Do news features in/on your core product reference your web site?     Yes     No
   If yes, how frequently?
    Daily     Weekly     Bi-Weekly     Monthly
11. Do you have an editorial procedure in which corrections are edited in your archives?     Yes     No
12. Does your editorial staff use the Internet to gather information? Yes     No
   If yes, do they use it for
   researching stories?     Yes     No
   as feedback from Web users?     Yes     No
   to keep track of competitor's Web reporting?     Yes     No
13. Is your Web newsroom staff integrated with the newsroom of your core product or are they completely separate?        Integrated     Partially Integrated     Separate
14. Have you developed original editorial content for your web site?     Yes     No
If yes, check all of the following categories that contain original content.
   Community info
   Special events
   Non-news editorials
   Real Estate
   Other    Specify
15. Do you allow your Web product to "scoop" your core product?     Yes     No
16. What percentage of your content is originated specifically for the Web?     %
17. What percentage of your core product is replicated for the Web?     %
18. What percentage of your Web product is used in your core product?     %
19. What percentage of your content is from outside sources?     %
20. Do you provide archival information on your web site (past editions)?     Yes     No
21. How long do articles stay current in the Web edition before going to archival or deletion?
1 day     between 1 day & 1 week     between 1 week & 1 month     more than 1 month
22. Approximately how many articles do you have available on your web site?    
23. Are you in alliance with other communications companies in your market?
(i.e. CitySearch, Digital Cities, Sidewalk, cable, radio, broadcast, business bulletin)     Yes     No

If yes, please indicate which of the following you are doing:
Name of the company(s)
24. Does your web site have paid advertising?     Yes     No
25. Does your web site have sponsors?     Yes     No
26. Have you standardized your banner size?     Yes     No
27. Which do you consider to be the ideal banner size?
a. x pixels
b. Other
28. What do you charge for an ad size to run 1 month in your web product? $
29. Do you provide dynamic advertising (query specific)?     Yes     No
30. Have you standardized your ad size?     Yes     No
31. Do you participate in network advertising such as: (check all that apply)
AdExpress Real Media NCN Other None
32. Do you have a Web rate card specific to your web product for: (check all that apply)
    Retail Classified Neither
33. Do you provide your advertisers with advertising measurement data?     Yes     No
If yes, is this measurement determined through outside sources (i.e. Real Media)?     Yes     No
34. On average, estimate the usage of your site by page views per week.    
35. Do you offer Web classified?     Yes     No
If yes, are they keyword searchable?     Yes     No
36. Is your Web classified advertising sold separately from your core product?     Yes     No     N/A
   If no, what percentage of your classified advertising on the web site is also in your core product?
37. Do you offer Web coupons of any kind?     Yes     No
38. What promotion vehicles (beside your own) do you use to promote your web site? (check all that apply)

   Direct Mail
   Other    Specify
39. Do you cross promote with other web sites?     Yes     No
40. What is the size of your promotion budget?
Less than $10K     Between $10K-$50k     Between $50K-$100k     Over $100K
41. What Internet marketing tactics do you use to bring in traffic? (check all that apply)

   Listing URL on search engines
   Advertising banners
   Strategic links
   E-mail blasts
   Push technology
   Updating content on a regular basis
   Building community of interest with approriate free content
   Other    Specify
42. Does your Web staff function as a "separate entity" from your core operation?     Yes     No
43. How many employess (primary function) work on the Web product?
Full Time Part Time
44. What percent of overall change in your Web staff do you anticipate for 1998?

% increase % decrease No change
45. Does your web site have its own full time editorial director?     Yes     No
Subscriptions / Transactions
46. Do you charge for access to any portion of your Web product?     Yes     No
If yes, how many subscribers do you currently have?
The respondents who do charge, please choose one or more of the following pricing charges:
    Under $10 flat fee per month
    $11-$30 flat fee per month
    more than $30 flat fee per month
    per search charge
    per article charge
47. What do you charge for archives?
$ per minute     $ per article     Nothing     N/A
48. Do you intend to charge for your Web product in the future?     Yes     No
49. Do you require registration at your site?     Yes     No
50. Do you provide secure electronic financial transactions?     Yes     No
If not, do you plan to in the future?     Yes     No
Do you provide a secure "firewall" of protection?     Yes     No
Sales and Profitability
Note: The following information will be kept strictly confidential. Figures you supply will be used as an aggregate whole to obtain industry averages, and, will not be used in any other way. It is our hope that you will supply this information, freely and accurately.
51. NOT including salaries, what is the approximate amount your company spent, or expects to spend on its Web site for equipment and services, for the following years: (check only one for each year)

Amount Spent 1995 1996 1997 1998
Less than $50,000
$50,000 - $99,999
$100,000 - $249,999
$250,000 - $499,999
$500,000 - $999,999
More than $1,000,000
52. Please indicate approximate gross sales for the following

Subscriptions Transaction

Year 95 96 97 95 96 97 95 96 97 95 96 97
Less than $50,000
$50,000 - $99,999
$100,000 - $249,999
$250,000 - $499,999
$500,000 - $999,999
More than $1,000,000
53. Are your advertisers shifting advertising dollars from your core product to your Web product? What percentage change has your core product incurred (within the past 1 year) from the presence of your Web product?
Decreased %     Increased %     No change
54. How would you rate the following Web sites as your competitors? Please use a scale from 1-10, where 1 is no competition and 10 the highest competition.

Local National
Niche products
Monster Board
Other Specify  
55. Do you provide a method for your users to customize their own daily edition (i.e. only parts are delivered, or specific writer's stories)?     Yes     No
56. Have you developed a corporate intranet?     Yes     No
57. Do you participate in any outside intranets?     Yes     No
58. Do you capture your user's names, addresses and e-mail into a database?     Yes     No
If yes,

   Do you use this information for future sales and promotion opportunities?     Yes     No
   Do you intend to sell this database to outside companies?     Yes     No
   What precentage of those visiting your site are local (your market)? %
   What precentage of those visiting your site are national (beyond your market)? %
   What precentage of those visiting your site are international (outside your country)? %
59. Please comment about your feeling or ideas regarding the Web publishing industry

60. Please comment about this survey

61. Other comments

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. If you have any questions or further comments regarding the survey, please contact Ed Lindoo at Questions regarding any other new media activity at Editor & Publisher should be directed to Marsha Stoltman at 212-675-4380 x502 or


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