Ed's Great Adventure Soaring Trip

Friday June30, 2000

This is the final entry of this trip.  As mentioned on the last entry I flew to Creston IA.   The weather went south so we packed the plane in the trailer (photos below) and headed to Aurora IL. Before doing so, I replaced the plugs, put in new gas (100ll) and ground tested it.  Seemed to run fine but I really wanted to fly it.

Today dad and I went to Hinckley (20 miles west of Aurora) and set up the plane.  I flew for about an hour and a half.  Did a couple of mid-air restarts and it worked just great.  So all is well and I'm heading back to Florida on Friday.

One wing off, Rosco (dad) helping with the other.

Rosco packing up the wing stands.

Ready to put in trailer.