Ed's Great Adventure Soaring Trip

Monday June 26, 2000

For the past three days we've had the glider in the trailer and drove from Elko NV to Minden NE.  The weather has not been good for flying so we just decided to keep driving.  Today (Monday) however was looking marginal so I set the plane up in York NE, and flew east to Creston IA, about 150 miles.  A lot of it was done by using the motor but is was still better than riding in the car.

Tomorrow looks promising and there's a chance of making it to my home base in Illinois, Hinckley.  That may not happen though as I encountered some engine trouble today.  I'm putting in new plugs tomorrow and changing the gas, so that may help.

Only took on picture today and have a map of the flight.

Somewhere in Iowa

Map of today's flight