Ed's Great Adventure Soaring Trip

Thursday June 22, 2000

Today I was trying to fly from Minden to just west of Salt Lake city at the Nevada/Utah line.  That would have given me a 500k flight.  Unfortunately when I got off tow at Minden I didn't find much lift, in fact it was mostly sink, I hung in as long as I could but once I got down to about 1,000 AGL I said the heck with it, fired up the engine and motored over to Carson City (about 10 miles).  East of Carson I shut down the engine and soared the rest of the way to Elko, NV.  (Tony, thank for all the help.  The one tank of oxygen lasted to Elko, but it's dead now).

So, that flight was a couple hundred miles.  Could have been longer I suppose but I found myself either in a lot of lift or a lot of sink.  So I lost a lot of altitude in the sink and had to spend time in the lift making it up. As a result, I didn't get as far as I had hoped.  Oh well.

Tomorrow, Friday I'm packing it back in the trailer and hauling it around Salt Lake City.

Here's some shots from today:


Northern Nevada scenery.

More Nevada Scenery

Heading for lift

A real boomer!

On the ground at Elko, NV

Map of the trip