Ed's Great Adventure Soaring Trip

Wednesday June 21, 2000


But first, the reason for so many days off is because I was at a conference in San Francisco.  We (dad and I) trailered the glider from Mojave CA to a town about 40 miles east of San Francisco call Tracy.  There we did a few repairs on the glider and left it there in the trailer while we went into San Francisco for four days.

Yesterday after the conference we picked up the trailer and drove to Merced, CA.  This morning we drove to Mariposa CA, which is about 30 miles from Yosemite Valley.  One of my life long dreams was to glide over the Yosemite Valley and today I was finally able to do that.  In fact I did something else I wanted to do, got to 16,000+ ft.  Most of the flight was above 13,000ft.

Here's a bunch of pictures.

Some minor repairs at Tracy Airport:

Ready to go at Mariposa:

Just before take-off

Yosemite Valley

Another view of the valley

No place to land out here!

Plenty of lift here (check out the clouds)

What a view!

At 14,500ft and heading for lift

Here's what I'll look like at 90, sucking oxygen!

Lake Tahoe

Another view of Lake Tahoe

Minden airport from 14,000ft.

And yes, I did make it to Minden

Here's a map of the flight.

Tomorrow we're heading to Salt Lake.